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Are you on the Committee? Do you let its members control your mind and actions, or will you stand out as the leader you really are? Let’s find out.

Imagine you’re getting ready to do a presentation (on stage, webinar, sales meeting – whatever it is that’s putting you front and center.) You’ve prepared for weeks – you know your topic, the audience; prepared the sleekest PowerPoint slides; you’re wearing your favourite outfit (even for Zoom!), and standing tall in your power pose. Heck, you’ve done everything you can think of – everything the experts tell you – and you’re ready to bring your A-game.

Then it happens – you hear the voices – getting louder and louder by the second. Before you know it, they burst into your mind:

“We’re heeeere!”

The Itty Bitty Sh!tty Committee (aka IBSC) and its baggage, ready to take over! Today’s meeting is led by none other than

Limiting Beliefs

with its entourage of

Fear, Doubt, and Imposter Syndrome

They hunker down. The agenda: to convince you that you’re not ready for your big moment.

I bet you’re familiar with the feeling. I know I’ve experienced it a time or two (or 200.) As you cringe at the thought of battling these emotions, Fear shows up with all of its “what ifs”:

    • what if no one shows up
    • what if they don’t like me
    • what if my mic / camera doesn’t work at the last minute
    • what if I forget what to say, or lose my voice
    • what if the big bad wolf blows the Internet down

Yup, the list can go on and on – and just as Fear settles in, Doubt begins to chip away at your confidence:

    • I don’t think I can do this
    • the presentation isn’t ready / I just need to tweak those slides a little more
    • does anyone really care about this stuff
    • I doubt I’m making a difference

Not one to be left behind, Imposter Syndrome chimes in and now you’re thinking:

    • who am I to talk about this topic / why would anyone want to listen to me
    • so many experts already out there / I’ll never be as good as them
    • I’m not good enough for this
    • I should cancel the whole thing (30 minutes before you promised to show up)

As you sit frozen in the moment, Limiting Beliefs is beaming with pride at what its committee members have accomplished – or so it seems… After all, if you agree with even one of their points of view, why on earth would you go ahead with your presentation? The IBSC would love that!

But you see, the truth of the matter is that YOU are the real leader in this scenario, and you CAN stop the IBSC from continuing their “meeting in the minds”. I know this is possible because I’ve been there. Here are a few actions you can take to keep the IBSC at bay.

  • First and foremost: STOP the chatter! Just say it – STOP. This is no more than an annoying group of make-believes – there’s no substance to them.
  • Repeat after me “I AM capable”, “I AM enough”. You’ve been committed to your purpose from day 1. You have the knowledge, tools and resources to share your brilliance with others. You’re more than ready – a little nervous, perhaps – but that won’t keep you from shining bright.
  • Your slides are ready. Thinking otherwise at this stage is simply Doubt casting a shadow. Block it. When people are truly interested in what you have to present, they won’t be put off if you forget to dot an “i” or cross a “t”. They’re human and they’ll relate.
  • Will they like you? Probably. There’s a good chance they’ve creeped you on social media and learned enough about you to chose to be there with you. And if they don’t align with you, that’s ok – no pressure on either side. Remember, not everyone will like you: you’re neither coffee nor carbs 🙂
  • What if no one shows up – ah, but what if even 1 person shows up? Then you’ve put yourself out there to make a difference in 1 person’s life – and that’s not to be cast aside, but to be celebrated!
  • You have a strong voice – one that others need to hear from and learn from. No one knows everyone. You have your own circle of family, friends, clients, colleagues, followers. They may hear someone else speak of the same topic – but until you say it, they haven’t heard it from you, in your style, your perspective, and the way you tie it into the community you all belong to. Feel free to speak up.
  • Your ability to connect with and impact others is unique. Much like your DNA – no one else does it like you, and you’re certainly no one’s clone. Can you imagine if only one person in the world was allowed to be the expert in each subject matter? That’s a lot of weight on one person’s shoulders (if it were even possible – which it isn’t.) It’s not about being “as good as them”, it’s about being as good as you are at that moment. So do your part and help spread the knowledge – in your way, to your audience, in your voice (which, by the way, you won’t lose unless you’re screaming throughout the presentation.)
  • Don’t quit while you’re ahead. You’ve invested way too much to get here (long before the PPT slides.) You have much value to give. Think of the image of the person digging through rock and turning away just before breaking through to the diamonds. Your audience are the diamonds, waiting for you. Don’t give up on them – on yourself – when you’re so close.

Now, stand in that Power Pose and say


because you do 🙂

And if you need support to really break through your limiting beliefs and gain the clarity, confidence and focus to create the business and lifestyle you deserve – reach out to me and I’m happy to chat with you.


Preciosa Leal

Preciosa Leal

Strategy & Implementation Coach

As the Founder of Alliance Business Solutions and Creator of Catapult Your Biz™ Coaching Program, Preciosa helps women entrepreneurs break through overwhelm and indecision to lead and grow their business with clarity, confidence & focus. Working with solopreneurs and small businesses for almost 2 decades, she shares her no-nonsense approach to help you get clear on your business vision and ensure your actions are aligned with your goals.

So – are you ready to build a successful business and achieve the freedom and lifestyle you desire? Let’s talk. Schedule a Clarity Call and let’s Catapult Your Biz™



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