With much sadness and heartbreak we said goodbye to our beloved fur-baby, our mascot, our family member – Milo.

It’s taken me a while to write this. It’s hard to believe Milo is no longer here – waking us up in the morning or in the middle of the night to be let out; staring at me with his loving eyes, all the while asking to be fed or taken for a walk; snuggling with me when I wasn’t at my best, or just because he wanted to; and to just be in the presence of his affection, his personality.

On the evening of September 18, 2021, at the age of 16 – Milo cuddled up on his bed and went to sleep. During the last couple of years, he’d been showing some of the painful signs of aging, and after many visits to the vet, treatments, and a few touch-and-go moments – it was time to make a very difficult decision. And so with the assistance of Dr. Karen Stekel of Midtown Mobile Veterinary Services, our family gathered at home and we surrounded Milo with love and affection as he peacefully crossed over Rainbow Bridge.

This was – and for me it remains – one of the most difficult moments endured to date. Milo meant the world to me – he brought immense joy to our family (even when he chewed through the garbage bin, or stole the pizza from the dinner plate, or peed in the house…) Working from home as I’ve done for 17 years, Milo was a constant presence in my days. He made sure I took breaks at the same time he did; we ate at the same time; we walked and chilled out at the same time. Honestly, he made sure I developed healthy habits (unconditionally, of course… 🙂 ) Running was one of his favourite activities (he was a Border Collie, after all), and Milo gave my husband a run for his money in the early years as the two of them took to the park trails. He also loved playing catch with his toys (but once he caught it, it was all his – no returns LOL.)

It was hard to put away Milo’s things: his bed, bowls, toys, leash and winter coat. I don’t have the heart to give them away, so they’re stored neatly in a box, placed near his ashes.

On several occasions, the memory of him is vivid. If food drops on the floor, my instinct is to call out his name (our instantly-on vacuum.) At six o’clock I’m inclined to look at the spot where his bowls were. When the doorbell rings or a squirrel strolls through the yard, I can hear him rush through the house, barking to his heart’s content (meanwhile his favourite toy was Squeaky the Squirrel.) Oh Milo…

When we rescued Milo from the Toronto Humane Society on September 4, 2006 (he was already 1-1½ yrs old) we knew we had an interesting life ahead – and for 15 years we certainly did! There will never be another Milo – not that there could ever be a replacement for him! The house is quieter. There isn’t fur on the floor or the furniture. We miss him. I miss him – a lot…

Good night Puppyman, luv ya 💕 🐾

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