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Here’s what our Clients have to say

Preciosa has worked for me as both a virtual and an on-site assistant. Not only is she well organized and very good at completing complicated projects, but she is also excellent working with my clients. Her communication is very professional – I feel like I don’t need to worry when I need her to contact my clients. She learned the process of how we conduct time studies and has become very proficient in explaining to employees how to use our TimeCorder device. She is an excellent adjunct to the service that I provide.

Mark Ellwood

Pace Productivity Inc.

I am starting to get all of those things done that I just could not seem to make happen… thank you.

Danny Nashman

The Potential Group

Thank you, Preciosa, for your continued hard work. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend the services of Alliance Business Solutions to others. You write the best professional letters/documents, and are extremely skilled with all areas of HR. I can trust our projects to be returned in a timely manner and your work is always very thorough, which is highly appreciated.

Kristi Gambling

Double You Business Services

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